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Awazey Masihay


Awazey Masihay

Every Saturday from 9 Am to 10 AM

Presented by Arma Nobel (daughter of the Late Mr Warris Abdullah) and Minister Rev. George Fateh Din Gill.

Preacher. Rev. George is a  Church Minister from Pakistan.
He served the Lord Jesus Christ as minister in Pakistan for 40 years.
Our team present Awaz-e-Masih, a Christian programme in URDU & PUNJABI through Awaz FM Radio.
The MESSAGE is always from the Holy Bible.
The Programme consist of:
1. Praising God through Psalms and Christian Hymns in Urdu & Punjabi.
2 Prayers for peace,harmony and prosperity forall countries in the world.
3. Prayers for sick people and for problems in the families and for other aspects of life as requested.
We pray for any one who requests also share people's joys on their birthday and thanksgiving, if requested.

This Program is in Memory of our Father and Friend The Late Warris Abdullah - May he Rest in Peace and Shine a light on us. Amen.

Comments (2)

sammar nobel
Said this on 10-16-2010 At 10:03 am

thanks that was an excellent message and hope to hear from Imran again soon.

Said this on 8-14-2012 At 03:48 am
Oh what an exceptional atsrit/performer she was..RIP Madam Noor Jahan!I met her once in 1998-apparently she was quite ill,but she was a brave and an elegant beautiful lady.I asked her if she would oblige me the priviledge to arrange her concert-as I had the honour to do several concerts with ustaad Mehdi Hassan in UK..she smiled and told me with a twinkle in her eye:- Inshallah-Allah kih marzi hui-tou aghleh janam meh zaroor tumhare liye meh concert karhungih Sadly she died shortly!
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