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Proud to be a Pukhtoon, Gullalaii has started a  Live Pushto  program  “BALANA” (invitation) for the Pukhtoon community of Glasgow every Sunday from 11am-1pm.The aim is to provide a platform for the Pukhtoon community to join Gullalaii, to express and share their views. She plays Urdu and Pushto songs along with the touch of health issues, poetry , social issues, dedication and  she also take live calls.

Comments (121)

ayeemal khan
Said this on 5-11-2010 At 01:28 am

Hi gullalaii,

all our pukhtoon friends likes your programm.You have such a sweet voice and very nice style of presenting.You give respect to every one and speaks  very clearly n softly.We cant wait for sunday.Please keep on doing programme for all pukhtoons of glasgow

ayeemal khan
Said this on 5-22-2010 At 01:31 am

dheera manana Ayeemal khana da mala taroon la,Khushala oosyee

Ken Pearson
Said this on 7-21-2013 At 12:54 pm

Good morning Sumi and Palwasha, Your very good friends Grace and Ken in Stranraer are also enjoying your programme even although we don`t know the language ! Your music is beautiful. See you all soon.

Said this on 11-12-2014 At 01:56 pm

Hi Mum and Dad,

Thanks very much for always listeneing to our programm in Stranraer.You paticipationa nd encouragement means a lot...Its great to know that you enjoy the Pushto music...

Hugs n love to you both



sangeen khan
Said this on 5-22-2010 At 01:39 am

salam gullalaii,

Welldone!A great job for all pukhtoons of Glasgow,we are so grateful to u.I like you style,your voice is very nice sweet and confident.I have heard your are beautiful like your voice.Please keep on doing this programm,your call line is very busy we want to call you live.hope you will play more nice songs.


Said this on 6-6-2010 At 08:06 am

It's very hard for me to get words and say sth about Gullalaii Yousafzai, the way She is doing and managing this BALANA.Its simply marvelous and Incredibly great work. She is strenghting Pashto language and culture.

I value the endeavor from the core of my heart.

Keep It UP.


Said this on 7-12-2010 At 07:19 pm

Thanks Khayam for your valuable comments,stay tune to BALANA.

pa meena,


Said this on 6-22-2010 At 02:35 pm


sanga ye??? staso progrm der kha rawan d....der khushala sho...nd khudy de mo dase kamiyab da progrm jaree sateee....ameeen

Said this on 7-12-2010 At 07:21 pm

Thanks a lot sherry, BALANA is for all pukhtoons no matter where do they live.



Said this on 6-25-2010 At 08:01 pm
nice but needs improvment. will take time .
Said this on 7-5-2010 At 08:54 am

da lewany pakee sa kae

Said this on 7-12-2010 At 07:23 pm

Thanks, will try my best not to disappoint my listeners.

pa meena,


Said this on 7-5-2010 At 08:34 am

salam.staso progm der kha d.khas tor sara staso language awo awaz.zamung der khwakh de.rogha awo khushala osee.Ameen

Said this on 7-5-2010 At 08:47 am

salam.staso progmm der kha d,khas tor sara staso awaz awo languag,zamung der khwakh dee.Allah d taso rogha awo khushala laree.Ameen

Said this on 7-12-2010 At 07:16 pm

dheera manana honey gulla,da hum taso programm dee ao ta pakyee har kala BALANA da.

Said this on 7-5-2010 At 08:52 am

salam staso progrmm der kha d.khas tor sara staso awaz awo language.Allah mo khushala satay.zaka chee da zamung da pukhtanoo khwandu da para deer da pakhar khabara da.

Said this on 7-7-2010 At 06:36 am

salam ggullalaii .zamung staso progrmm der khwakh d.khas tor sara staso awaz awo languag der kha dee.Allah mo khushala awo abada laray.Ameen

Sajid Mama
Said this on 7-11-2010 At 10:08 am

Somi,senga yai?.za sajid mam yam.nun ma we che staso programme ba live wowro ho da intizar na pas mata pata wo lagheda chi za yo hour mahkey raghaly yum.....3 baji ba bijli hum zee dalta.monz ta miss kawo.da tholo taraf na salam/duwa.sajid mama

Said this on 7-15-2010 At 03:34 pm

hi gullalaiiii.... hop ye braw.. . a wis leuking da site.. sae suddent a saw yer name .. a gat yer detail n a find out dait yer daen pashto programzz. sae a felt sae ..sae.. proud.. dat  we r nae less den ony buddy elc... sae a hope u keep it gaen on .. nd lotzzz of best wishes..  ABADA WOSAY..

Said this on 7-27-2010 At 02:07 am

Thanks a lot Maskud Shah for ur encouragement and liking BALANA.Ka da comments lag asana angreezyee  kyee wo, nu kha ba wa.

 DHeera manana


Shaheera Khan
Said this on 7-19-2010 At 12:22 pm

Dear Gullalaii,

I am so proud that my sister is running a very nice programme which is giving strength to other pukhtoon girls too who have dreams too. best wishes keep going......

Said this on 7-21-2010 At 05:18 pm

Oh thx love,its actually all of my frds,listeners n family's support n love which boosts up my energy, especially ur song Nazoona Adaganyee which I play to start my  program with...........Inshallah BALANA is there for all Pukhtoon sisters to come and join.

Pa meena,


Said this on 7-28-2010 At 01:36 pm

Pa Khair gull,

I am very proud that a Pukhtoon girl has started this program in a very impressive manner.You are representing Pukhtoons all over the world and I can imagine you have listeners all over the world through Internet.I listened to some of ur programs,v nice mash. you are a beautiful face,so is your voice and very polite and soft and I am impressed by your  manners when I called you.Please keep it up and we all Pukhtoons feels proud of you.

I listened to Your recent progs in which you had interviewed Rafiq and Khayam sb the two young poets.Liked your sense of humor,v organized interviews,very friendly style which was not less than any international presenters of BBC or VOA.I am wondering if I can get recording of those interviews.

I pray for your success.



Adil Khan
Said this on 8-1-2010 At 05:27 pm

Hi, Gullalaii, I salutes n congratulates u on presenting such an amazing, and energetic program. 
I listen to your program enthusiastically on each Sunday(on-line) along with my family. It is indeed a huge achievement to get time for Pushto on a Punjabi Radio, well keep it up.
Similarly, your new series of interviewing noted personalities has made it more interesting.
I also appreciate the combination of Pushto n Urdu as it is necessary for the continuity of this program n providing chance for the Urdu speaking listeners to take interest in Pushto.
Plz pray for one of my colleague, Asma Nawar, a journalist who has lost her life in flood as the roof of her house collapsed.
Wishing u all the best,
Adil Khan, Peshawar

Said this on 8-3-2010 At 12:47 pm

Salamoona Adil Jan,

Thanks a lot for you appreciation,tnx to u and ur family for listening BALANA on-line.Also thanks a million for liking interviews,I will do more for my listeners v soon.

One thing to mention AWAZFM is not a Punjabi Radio it is indeed a community Radio where programs are presented for every one.I am thankful to the management who supported me to present BALANA,thumbs up for them

AWAZ FM presenters n staff grieves with all those who have lost their loved ones in the recent floods in North and South Pukhtoonkhwa.



Said this on 8-19-2010 At 01:45 am

So nice of u Hilal,I am proud of u as well.Thanks for listening to BALANA.

 pa meena,



Said this on 8-8-2010 At 12:28 pm


weldone! gulallai nice programe i really like it you are doing great job keep it up....

i proud ov you....




Said this on 8-8-2010 At 07:21 pm

Dear Gullalaey!

Thank you so much for interview with me, you are presenting Pashto/Urdu programs in smart way.

Hope to listen from you more..........Keep this good work Up!!!

Wish you Best of luck.


Said this on 8-14-2010 At 07:53 pm

Farooq sb, it was pleasure interviewing you, I am grateful to you for taking time out of your hectic duty routine and sharing Flood information with us.

Thanks for ur appreciation though,


Said this on 11-23-2014 At 12:37 am

Hi gullallaii..its a very great job you are doing for all of us pukhtoons it reminds me of my  home back in pakistan ...keep it up.....its great to hear a pashto programme in glasgow where there is nos a big pakhtoon community

Said this on 12-28-2014 At 03:17 am

Dear Sher Khan,

Thanks BALANA is Scotland's one and only Puskto radio show and we all are proud of being Pukhtoon and lets unite to make Pukhto Strong...Keep listening to BALANA..


Said this on 8-18-2010 At 10:47 pm

Dear Gullalaii,

I really appreciate the way you presenting your program.The most important part of your porgam is the Pashto-Urdue Mix presentation.I think it will famalier urdu speaker with pashto as well, while listening  pashto and more people will be able to enjoy it.

Your sincerity,honesty,humanity,courage  all are examples for us.We wish your efforts become part of pashto Adab and history.

With great pashtoon Love(Pa dera Pukhtana Mina)


zeeshan khan
Said this on 9-22-2010 At 11:56 am


Deer khi khoorai zi stha da effort deer apriciate kom. i hope u can read pashto and understand whats written.

keep the good work going for the pathans

Feroz Haleem
Said this on 9-26-2010 At 01:28 pm

Salam Gullalai, sanga yi HOPE U R WELL!!!!

Ur programme is zrrapoori. i really love it,  I am very pleased that we have YOU and a kind of personalities like YOU in Scotland who remained us our culture and always motivate us. I always try not to miss ur show, but sometime can be too tired to wake up early caz comin late from work, any ways i hope u keep it up and really appreciate ur MIHNAT.


Said this on 9-28-2010 At 11:25 pm

Salamoona Grann Zeeshan,Rafiq & Feroz sbz,

Thanks for listening and becoming a part of BALANA.This program is of its own in Scotland and to revive the Pushto language in UK. This is for all Pushtoon's  and every one is welcomed to  join me.Rafiq sb thanks for picking up and appreciating the idea, why this program is bilingual Pushto/Urdu.Feroz sb liked ur unique word ZARRA PORI (heart touching).

Pa Pukhatan Meena,


Said this on 10-3-2010 At 03:27 pm

Dear Gullalaii

today i lestion your balana programe.i liked & and enjoy it alot,because of its almost presentaion of pakistan and espeially paktoon nation all over the world,i appricaite your curagge and boldness.and wish to continue it for a long time .and please try to keep it 2 or 3 times a week

Good Luck

Allah pa amman

Dr.zafar japan


Said this on 1-30-2011 At 07:10 pm

Tashakor Zafar sb,

Its my pleasure that u listen to Balana in Japan, thanks for ur appreciation.Reagrding twice in a week it is management decision.Keep Listening to BALANA.

PA meena,


Said this on 11-23-2014 At 01:30 pm

Salam gullallia its sher khan my friends have been phoning saying to me u played my song. Unfortunatley i missed it. A very big thank you for playing it and hopefully i will b able to hear it on ur programme next time. Great work keep it up!

gullalaii yousafzai
Said this on 12-28-2014 At 03:21 am

Dear Sher Khan,

Indeed, I did play your lovely song..Very positive feedback and Listeners did like it...I have played it few times but if you wish to listen to your song on a particular day please do let me know...A big applause for your efforts..Stay blessed..keep Pukhto alive...

Abbas Ranjha
Said this on 1-30-2011 At 07:06 pm
DEAR GULLALAII; Salam, I really like BALANA,it is a beautiful mixture of urdu n pushto languages,even I do not understand pushto but i like it.I appreciate ur courage n boldness.I  congratulate u on presenting such a nice n amazing programe;you have a nice style of presentation and a sweet voice,please keep on doing this programe,pushto language is very sweet actually,i wish to continue it for long time;tnx                  ABBAS


Said this on 3-23-2011 At 07:44 pm

Thanks for your lovely comments,app ko pushto achyee lagtyee hain tu bohot shukria Pushto ao Pushtoon donu bohot achaee hain aur app ko Balana main dil say khush amdded kahtyee hain.

Khush Rahai aou Balana main sheerkat kartyee rahyee.

Allah pa aman

Said this on 2-6-2011 At 09:27 pm

Salam Gullalaii,

Stah programme der informative dhey.

When I hear pushto songs on your show it takes me back, It brings a smile to my face when I remember my mum singing these songs in front of us kids in her own unique style.

Your show narrows the gap between my new home here and my old home in Paklistan.

Keep up the tremendous work, long may your show continue.


Said this on 3-23-2011 At 07:53 pm

Sadia Khorrye,

Thanks a million for  liking BALANA........I am pleased that my programm has narrow down the gap between Glasgow and Pukhtoonkhwa.You are always welcome to join me.Actually, it was great that a pukhtoon lady has put her comments up.Join me and you can pay tribute to your mum by singing the songs on Balana that your mum used to sung.

Pa meena


Dr.muhammad Asad
Said this on 2-10-2011 At 12:46 pm

Khwagay Gulallaii khoray

khushalay osay hela laram chi pa khair wa yay za staso prog dair shoq sara aowram

staso comparing aou style of communication specially critisim dair khkulay handle kawaie Allah mo daghasay lara chi mong pukhtano staso na da prog hamaish la aouro

aou balana day kala hum band nashee



Said this on 3-23-2011 At 08:10 pm

Salamoona Asad Roorjan,

Thanks for your lovely comments,would you please comment in English  so every one can get it...........You admired my comparing and appreciated the way I reply to the criticism. I always welcome a positive criticism it helps me to improve my programm.

Tashakor for your prayers..........

Said this on 2-16-2011 At 01:06 pm

Sweet Gullalaii,

Your program on Health issues such as hepititis C and Menopause forced me to write to you.Though your program can pass all standards with flying colours,but  let me take an opportunity to appreciate your knowledge about health issues.I am myself from the medicine field and I am impressed by the way you delivered those programmes.

I also appreciate the easy language  you had choosen for the explanation of the medical terminologies ,in urdu was supereb.

You spoke so comfortably on sexual issues which are very inportant to discuss.Especially in Asian community, the lack of understanding and cultural barriers makes it difficult to discuss.I have not heard any other presenter of Awazfm to take this opportunity.

Simply impressive.MAy you keep doing this progamm in your sweet and innocent style.Allah bless you

Said this on 3-23-2011 At 08:16 pm

Rameez Sb,

Thanks for your detailed comments and appreciating my programms on Health issues.I agree with your opinion about the lack of  Health knowledge in Asian community.Also, I try to speak in Urdu on health issues so every one can understand and benefit from the imformation.

You have mentioned that you belong to the medicine field so I am inviting you to join me and give your comments on the specific topic in coming Balana.....

Pa meena

Dr.Muhammad Asad
Said this on 2-17-2011 At 12:18 pm

Asalamo alaikum

Gullalaii hela laram chi pa khair wa yaie staso prog zabardast day aou pa UAE k ay hum kahlaq dair pa shouq aouri kho taso ta call na she kawalay zaka chi dalta na dair gran day zama yao suggestion day ka staso toll free number arrange ko da khpal international callers dapara da wa daira kha we da tolo larr aou da bar pukhtano da para chi da jahan pa haray semay ka osay gee.

da Allah pa aman chi malik da kul jahan day

Said this on 3-23-2011 At 09:20 pm

Gran (Dear)Asad Sb,

I am very  glad that BALANA does have listeners from UAE.You have mentioned that it is very dear for the listeners to call in to the show from UAE and requested for a TOll -free international access number.I regret that awazfm is a volunteer sector radio station and we do not have such calling facility.Alternatively listeners can call on Skype account and participate in BALANA.I appologies for any disappointment caused.

yo jahan manana


Said this on 2-17-2011 At 12:24 pm

Dear Gullalaii,

I am so proud that my sister is running a very nice programme which is giving strength to other pukhtoon girls too who have dreams too. best wishes keep going i have one request that plz increase the program time that we will more enjoy it thanks ,


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