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Gurdev Azad


Manhorajan Every Tuesday 11pm--0100am

Welcome, Sat Sri Akal /Asalaam Alakum/ Naamste and Hello.

The show is about Yaadhe (Memories)Songs -Films -Actors//Actress Chota Punjab section (chota punjab Glasgow)1130pm/ 1200am Punjabi songs yester years

We are a great team at Awaz FM, Yeh I love the buzz being on air and theirs you all out their taking up the music of the show and the chat.

Feel free to email me or give me a shout Love the out doors adventrous Marathons / zip line / bunji jumps all for charity.

Well pyario mlia gae ///// Gurdev Azad


Comments (7)

Said this on 2-14-2011 At 07:08 pm

i enjoy your music and presenting

keep up at it

Said this on 3-1-2011 At 07:59 pm

Miss your show, please come back soon.

Said this on 3-15-2011 At 11:38 pm

Always look forward to your show...any chance of you getting a longer show???

Said this on 9-3-2012 At 02:37 pm

love your style and choice of songs


Said this on 9-24-2012 At 06:15 pm

Jsut back from trip= Goina tune in on Tuesday. to hear mykinda music missedall my favourite songs.

power to you for all the songs an music

Said this on 11-9-2012 At 11:59 am

nice to hear all the old time classics, brings back happy memories. Keep playing those tunes mr singh.

baldev kusbia
Said this on 2-27-2013 At 12:07 am

love listening to all the best songs you play from years gone by brings back great memorys keep up good work.

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