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How to Listen to Awaz FM




  • Universally available at home, at work, on the move and in the car on 107.2FM and is available throughout Glasgow area.


Via Internet


  • Audio streaming usually referred to as ‘Online’ and can be found on our own website, just click on ‘Listen Live’ and this will open up as a pop up. (pop up blocker will need to be removed if this doesnt work)


Via internet Radio

evokeinternetradio-sm.jpg(Evoke Flow from Pure is usually around £119 from Richer Sounds but others are available as cheap as £70)

  • You don’t need your PC switched-on to listen to Awaz FM in high quality via the Internet.

    Like a portable radio, an Internet Radio is moved around the house from kitchen to bedroom wherever there is a wi-fi signal. It connects to the internet through a wireless network or directly via the radio's ethernet socket.

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