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The Discrimination Project

  • 12-20-2010
  • Categorized in: News

The Discrimination Project is based in Daisy Street Law and Money Advice Centre and funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The aims of the Discrimination Project are to promote social justice and equality, directly challenge discrimination and prejudice, and seek redress and compensation for individuals who suffer discrimination.

Discrimination on the following grounds is unlawful:

1)    Age

2)    Disability

3)    Gender Reassignment

4)    Marriage and Civil Partnership

5)    Pregnancy and Maternity Leave

6)    Sex

7)    Sexual Orientation

8)    Race, Colour, Nationality or Ethnic origin

9)    Religion or Religious or Philosophical Belief

Most people are aware that discrimination in the workplace is unlawful. However, the law also protects individuals facing discrimination in accessing goods and services. This could include a restaurant refusing entry or restricting access for a disabled person with a guide dog or a bus driver refusing to let on a Muslim passenger because they incorrectly think that the person is a terrorist. However, there are exceptions and this can be a complex area of law.

How can the Discrimination Project help me?

  • By giving FREE legal advice to individuals living in South East Glasgow and the surrounding area who are facing discrimination in the workplace.


  • By giving FREE legal advice to individuals living in South East Glasgow and the surrounding area who have experienced discrimination elsewhere, for example while being served in a shop, or attending a concert.


  • We provide a regular surgery at the The Pollokshields Health Shop, 425 Shields Road, Polloksheilds, Glasgow on discrimination law and other legal problems.

Contact details

0141 424 4414

Daisy Street Law and Money Advice Centre, Room 10, Govanhill Neighbourhood Centre, 6-8 Daisy Street, Glasgow G42 8JL.

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