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About registering to vote To vote you need to be registered. A while ago you should have been sent aform in the post asking you if you wanted to be able to vote this year. If you filled this form in and sent it back toyour local electoral registr...
  • News Item
  • August 27, 2014

WW1 - 100 Years Ago - We Remember

WW1 - 100 Years Ago Rememberance

As the world rememberance on Monday 4th August at 11pm when war was declared on Germany, very few thought people from all over the world (the empire) would be invovled. The British Indian Army during World War I, served in the European, Mediterranean and the Middle East theaters of war....

  • News Item
  • August 4, 2014


Eid Mubarak 2014

It has been unanimously agreed between the Imams of Glasgow to celebrate the day of Eid Monday 28th July - For Eid Namaaz Times ...

  • News Item
  • July 27, 2014

Games 2014 - Update: Individuals and Medals

Games 2014

XX Commonwealth Games Update: Awaz FM's Akif and Mudassar with Live updates everyday (Sponsored by Dynamite Drinks)... The following individuals (from the Asian countries) have won a medal...

  • News Item
  • July 22, 2014

Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan Kareem

Awaz FM would like to wish everyone Ramadhan Kareem.

Tune into Awaz FM....during the blessed month for Sehri and Iftarhi programs...

  • News Item
  • June 29, 2014

Emotional Abuse on Children

Emotional Abuse on Children

We ran a Poll on the website on Emotional Abuse on Children and wondered how people would react in check for result...are as follows:

  • News Item
  • June 28, 2014

Myeloma Awareness Week 2014

“Did you know” campaign at centre of Myeloma Awareness Week 2014 From 21 – 28 June, cancer charity Myeloma UK has put a “Did You Know” campaign at the centre ofits Myeloma Awareness Week 2014. The campaign aims to increase awareness of its vital ...
  • News Item
  • June 26, 2014

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